Monday, January 8, 2007

Microsoft Gets Hard on Piracy

Sometimes you learn things from clients that can be useful. I will simply pass this along and let you decide.

Last year I learned about Isrameds from a client and posted on it. Last week a client told me about med's from India.

It seems there are quite a few "generics" you can order from India. My client mentioned he was taking generic Viagra from India.

I did not know there was a generic form, so I looked into this much further.

It seems there are quite a few sources of online med's direct from India. The drugs are not true generics (at least according to Pfizer and other manufacturers) but rather pirated drugs.

You can read about some of the issues involving Indian med's, but two articles in particular caught my eye. This article discusses Ranbaxy's recent entry into Canada as a source of generic med's. This article, while a bit dated, addresses many of the concerns some have about Indian meds and serves as a foundation for this post.

Even though I tried, I was unable to find anything definitive on the impact of impending Indian legislation that was to take place in 2005. Since my client is still ordering med's from India, I must assume there has been little, if any change.

Perhaps the most intriguing article in my research had to do with Microsoft joining Pfizer in targeting the sellers of pirated Viagra.

Now you know why I chose my headline . . .


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