Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Money Monday (on Tuesday!)

Free Money Finance rings in the New Year with 2007's first Carnival of the Capitalists. There are over 30 entries, each with excellent context and commentary.
Joe Kristan, of Roth & Co, has his 2006 Taxpayer of the Year Award nominees. Not to be missed.
John at Mighty Bargain Hunter hosts the year's first Carnival of Personal Finance. He's compiled a list of over 40 entries, and includes context for each.
Ever wondered why gas pumps have that third decimal? Me either, but Money, Matter and More Musings explains why you should.
UPDATE: An explosive edition of Grand Rounds, 2007's first, is up at Distractible Mind. Fellow Medical Blog Network columnist Dr Rob Lamberts hosts, with some 30 entries, all with helpful commentary and categorized. Hint: be prepared for a booming good time.
There were quite a few interesting posts, but my favorite is Dr Charles' entry on (of all things) John Bolton's mustache.


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