Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Berglin Solution

A leading DFL senator outlined a plan Wednesday to limit increases in health insurance premiums, saying her idea would put hundreds of dollars back into the wallets of average Minnesotans.

Sen. Linda Berglin’s premium cap is part of a package that would move the state toward universal health coverage by 2010. Her bill, Senate File No. 2, is a top priority of the DFL-led Senate. Berglin said her plan would help as many as 40,000 uninsured people get covered.

The bill would cap yearly premium increases for all health insurance at a few percentage points above inflation.

What a novel idea. Limit what carriers can charge. I can't imagine why this has not been pursued before.

Is it because it is completely irrational and has no chance of working?

Possibly . . .

Berglin wouldn’t give a price tag for her plan,

Really? Is this because she does not know how much such a plan will cost?

She also wants voters to amend the state constitution to guarantee health care for all

Sounds like the making of a new reality TV show. Politicians without a clue.

All that is needed is to sign Peter Falk to re-create his "Columbo" role.

"Pardon me, ma'm. Just one more question. I really hate to bother you as you have been so kind to appear on this show. This is really important to me."

"Were you dropped on your head as a child?"


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