Thursday, March 1, 2007

EHR Privacy

The Bush administration has no clear strategy to protect the privacy of patients as it promotes the use of electronic medical records throughout the nation’s health care system, federal investigators say in a new report.

In the report, the Government Accountability Office, an investigative arm of Congress, said the administration had a jumble of studies and vague policy statements but no overall strategy to ensure that privacy protections would be built into computer networks linking insurers, doctors, hospitals and other health care providers.

President Bush has repeatedly called for the creation of such networks, through which health care providers could share information on patients. In 2004, Mr. Bush declared that every American should have a “personal electronic medical record” within 10 years — by 2014. With computerized records, he said, “we can avoid dangerous medical mistakes, reduce costs and improve care.”

The V.A. records were compromised.

Same for the D.O.D.

And let's not forget the issues with Bank of America.

No such thing as 100% security.


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