Monday, July 2, 2007

Personal Finance...

This week's Carnival of Personal Finance is now up, hosted by the nice folks at Blogging Away Debt. There are over 70 entries, and our hostess has tried something new: a half dozen or so "editor's choice" posts, complete with excerpts, top the list, with the remaining entries available below them.
At first, I found this a bit off-putting, but then I recalled something I wrote a few weeks ago about how unwieldy these things (carnivals) have become. I suggested that those who run the carnivals "give the host some editorial discretion and specific guidelines, and tell them to pick the best (most relevant?) 15 or 20 for the actual Carnival, but provide a listing of all the other entries." And this one certainly follows that blueprint.
One would think that with over 6 dozen (half a gross!) entries, it would be difficult to pick a favorite.
One would be wrong: how could I resist a post on money-related limericks? I couldn't, and I bet you'll sport a smile, too. Mad Kane's has the winners of its 3rd such contest.
Prepare to smile.


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