Monday, March 5, 2007

Carnival Monday (Yay!)

MapGirl hosts a terrific Carnival of Personal Finance this week. Built around a Circus theme, she's put together almost 60 high quality posts, in a half dozen clever categories.
What's more, she put Bob's post on the perils of mandatory coverage at the very top...WooHoo!
It will come as no surprise to regular IB readers that I found Wenchypoo's helpful (and unique) kitchen tips to be the Star of the Show.
The Carnival of the Capitalists is also up, at its new home: Bizosphere. CotC honcho Jay has "rebooted" this venerable financial potpourri, "to return to the root concept of showing off the best business and economics posts you might not otherwise see."
In this case, he's posted 19 entries (out of 34!), and we're pleased that Bob's post on the dangers of carriers being forced to pay claims that weren't really covered made the cut. (hmmm, looks like a two-fer for Bob, we'll see if I make the Grand Rounds Cut tomorrow).
In the event, I really lit up for this post at Photon Courier; it's an illuminating expose of light bulbs.


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